When you are putting all your blood, sweat and tears into your construction project, you want to make sure that you are working with the best material you can find. It is crucial for every builder and contractor to check the quality of the cement being used on the site during the time of preliminary inspection. If good cement is not used, then the quality of the entire construction is at stake. The overall strength of your structure depends on many factors, and the quality of cement you are using is one of them. Excellent quality cement should always be used to achieve desired strength of concrete and to make sure the structure stands tall for a long time.

So, how does one check the quality of cement being used?

Following are some easy tests to be used.

1)     Date of Packing – Unlike wine, the strength of cement being used decreases with time. Cement should be used before 90 days from the date of manufacture. A year after manufacture, the strength of the cement is reduced by 40-50%.

2)     Colour of Cement – Good cement is always uniform in colour. You can identify good cement by its gray colour with a slight green shade.

3)     Lumps – In cement, lumps are formed due to absorption of moisture. Good cement has no lumps.

4)     Temperature – If you push your hand inside a bag of good cement, you should feel a certain coolness. Bad cement feels warm in your hand.

5)     Floating – Good quality cement floats in water for some time before sinking.

Always make sure to buy the best quality of cement available.

Source : “mahacement.com
Image Source : Photo by Pierrick Le Cunff on Unsplash