Ahead in Time

Innovations in Steel, Agriculture & Real Estate

Changes in society and technology impact how we develop and invent new ways to tackle challenges across the world. True innovation however, lies in not only looking into the future but understanding the past.

We have highlighted some game-changing innovations in the following industries

Innovations in Steel

The common misconception of the steel sector is that it’s extremely commoditised and hence little innovation takes place. This is the exact opposite – steel manufacturers need to be constantly at the top of their game, developing new products while staying cost-conscious.

Innovations in Agriculture

Agriculture is another sector that constantly needs to innovate on its processes and methods. Since there are many levels and players in agriculture, improving efficiency at every level is imperative. This industry has already gone through a substantial technological shift over the years. Drones, sensors, environmental controls, big data, different agricultural techniques, smart packaging are all a huge leap in the right, digital direction.

Innovations in Real Estate

Technology and innovation have remained a driving factor for the real estate space, globally. There have been advancements that can improve efficiency in development, operations, improve planning and governance and the overall customer experience. Due to the large shift towards a digital world, it’s becoming more important that the real estate sector provides a vibrant platform for innovative tech-oriented operations and services to adapt to the changing environment.

In the 21st century, as economic growth and related consumption increasingly shift to Asia, it’s imperative that businesses in China, India, South Korea, Vietnam, and other Asian countries have to continuously innovate to stay always ahead. Unlike the last two centuries, wherein a one-time innovation was sufficient to achieve business advantage for decades. Businesses that nurture the continuous innovation spirit across their organization, popularly known as Kaizen, shall continue to have an edge over the competition.