Frequently Asked Questions

What do the numbers in the different TMT Bar grades imply?

The numbers in the different grades of TMT Bars (Fe-415, Fe-500, etc.) imply the amount of stress that the bars can withstand before they start to deform. For instance, TMT Bar Fe-500 would deform at a pressure of 550 Newton/mm2.

What are Billets?

Billets are a semi-finished product that is extensively used in rolling mills to produce bars, wire rods, and structural steel. They are also used in machine and forge shops where engineering goods are produced.

What factors makes Apex TMT unique?
  • Comparatively best earthquake resistant because of its high tensile strength and flexibility.
  • It is less affected by rust, corrosion resistant
  • Exact weight and chemical composition
  • It has more strength to sustain fire.
  • It bonds strongly with cement than other reinforcement bars.
  • Better ductility and bendability
How does Apex TMT Rebars result in cost saving?

Apex TMT bars are manufactured in a world class state-of-the-art rolling mill, ensuring excellent yield strength exceeding the values mentioned in the standard BIS. The Steel consumption depends on the strength of the bar. Higher the strength, lower will be the consumption.

How is TMT more economical?

Because of its 20% more strength.

Why should you use TMT bar?

Because it is very strong, ductile and economical.

How do you check your quality?

An advanced laboratory equipped with Spectrometer, Universal Tensile Strength Machine and Microscope etc functions at Apex to ensure high grade of products.

What factor makes TMT more earthquake resistance?

Higher strength and more ductility.

What grades of TMT Bars you produce?

Fe 500

What is TMT?

Thermo Mechanical Processing, also known as Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (TMT), is a metallurgical process that integrates work hardening and heat treatment into a single process.

What is the TMT Steel weight formula and how many steel bars will I get in one bundle and one ton?
TMT SizeTMT Rods per bundleTMT Weight per bundle

(1 Bundle)


47 Kg

(1 Bundle)


53 Kg

(1 Bundle)


53.4 Kg

(1 Bundle)


56.88 Kg

(1 Bundle)


59.2 Kg

(1 Bundle)


46.2 Kg

(1 Bundle)


75.72 Kg

How do I check the weight of the steel?

The weight of the steel can be checked using the weighbridge and at Apex we issue the weighbridge certificate at dispatch of each load

What is the market price of steel and how frequently does the order change?

Since the market value of products keeps changing frequently, get in touch with our support or subscribe to our newsletter to know the recent changes in the market value.

What is the price of steel?

You can refer our price sheet shared by our consultant.

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